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Badger Class News (Year 1 & 2)

WB 26/02/2024


Wow! What a busy first week back we have had in Badgers this week. 


In Maths, we explored measuring objects both inside and outside the classroom. We looked at measuring in centimeters and meters. Some of us even took on the challenge to measure how long the playground is! 


We also began looking at weaving within DT, starting with paper. We then began designing a piece of fabric in our books and then started  transferred our designs onto our fabric. I was super impressed with the detail of everybody's work. Great job, Badgers! 



WB 2nd October 2023   


Badger class visited Hill Farm this week, we had a fantastic time! The Badgers all listened really well to Mr Cooper telling them all about the Farming equipment that is used today. Badgers were also very interested about what life was like in the 'olden days', we looked carefully around the farming equipment from the past and other household items. All of the Badgers decided they definitely would not have enjoyed living in the past as there was 'too many jobs to do' after school, like fetching water from the well and carrying it all the way back home.    



Have a lovely weekend!  

On 1st March it was St David's Day. We celebrated by making daffodils and trying the delicious Welsh Cakes which Immie brought in. Immie also wore her traditional Welsh costume.

To end our work about Grace Darling, the children were asked to draw, paint or make a model of the lighthouse where she lived for homework. These are some of the amazing models which were made.

Badgers and Hedgehogs put on an amazing Nativity performance

Our Nativity Performance

Badgers really are magnificent mathematicians!

We have been busy Badgers in our classroom

Some of Badgers' work this half term and Sport's Day!

Badgers' Trip to Colne Valley Railway

IMG_4196 (3).MOV

Still image for this video

Badgers' Trip to Hatfield Forest

Summer Term

Badgers have had a great start to the Summer Term. We celebrated Earth Day and made posters, talked about how we can look after the planet and they made salt dough ornaments of the Earth.


We have started our Art learning about Cezanne. They also wrote some lovely recounts of their Easter Holidays!


Week Beginning 14th March 2022

Badgers enjoyed playing the trumpet in Music this week and drawing portraits of Florence Nightingale in Art. We also went on a tree hunt for our Science learning.

The Year 1s enjoyed measuring mass this week in Maths!


We also read with Muntjacs this week which was really lovely!

Week Beginning 7th March 2022

Badgers have had a good week making yummy wraps in DT and eating them outside in the nice weather!!

They grated, peeled, chopped and folded to make their wrap. They did really well getting all their ingredients ready!


Week Beginning 21st February 2022

Badger class have had a good start to the new half term. We are learning about Florence Nightingale in History and they had fun looking at some artefacts and acting out the story. We learnt about why she was so important and what she changed about hospitals. 

We are reading 'Flat Stanley' in English and he has already been on lots of adventures since becoming flat. 

In Science are learning about how we can stay healthy. In Maths we finished our statistics and we are now learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

Badgers have been working hard and have settled back in well after half term.





Week Beginning 31st January 2022

Badgers have been doing some maths assessment this week and did really well. We looked at the artist 'Paul Signac' and they created their own versions of the 'Red Buoy' using warm and cool colours.

Week Beginning 24th January 2022

Badgers have really enjoyed learning about structures this week and making structures in DT.  They made them strong by using anchors, braces, flanges and bases.


We have been learning about Rosa Parks in History. The children did really well thinking about why Segregation wasn't fair and how Rosa Parks made a big difference towards equality.

Week Beginning 17th January 2022

Badgers have been working hard with their writing this week. Thy wrote some great acrostic poems about Superworm and they have been thinking about what all living things need in their habitat to survive. We have been playing some fun maths games too!

Week Beginning 12th January 2022


Badgers have had a great first full week back at school. They have been very busy learning about Habitats, reading our class book 'Superworm' and making origami in class. We have also learnt about the James Webb Telescope and they drew some great pictures of what it might see in space.


Week Beginning 6th December 2021

Badgers have worked so hard this week with performing their Nativity and I am so proud of them for their brilliant singing and acting. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as they did performing to you.


We created Christmas scenes in Art this week. They are titled 'Starry Night'.

Week Beginning 29th November 2021

Year 1 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, sorting them, naming them, describing them and finding them in the class and at home. 

Year 2 have been learning about Money, learning the coins and notes, adding them and finding change.


In DT we have been looking at structures. Badgers tried to make a structure using newspaper and sticky tape. They found it it very tricky and we discussed the importance of structures needing a solid, stable base. We will be looking at bridges and structures as we continue with our learning.

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Badgers have had a busy week starting our Christmas Play, having school photos taken  and Children in Need day, alongside all our learning in class. 

We really enjoyed our whole school ramble and they wore some great odd socks for anti-bullying week.

We have started writing our Little Red Riding Hood stories and the children worked really hard with their writing!

Week Beginning 8th November 2021

Badgers have had a really good week in class. We have been doing lots of writing about Little Red Riding Hood and lots of maths learning. They have been learning about the organs in our bodies and what they do. For Geography we have been learning about the 5 oceans and the 7 continents. In RE we are learning about Judaism.

For Remembarance Day they created some lovely pictures of the fields filled with poppies. We discussed how the poppies showed hope and this is why they are sold each year. They used watercolours and pastels to create their backgrounds. They then added on their poppies. They look wonderful in our main classroom window!

Week Beginning 1st November 2021


Badgers have settled in really well after a well earned break! We have started our English work on 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We talked about the COP26 and what it is. They then thought about what they can do to look after the planet. 


We are learning about the Human Body in Science and they had fun labelling body parts and making a moving skeleton. In ICT this week we created story boards for Little Red Riding Hood and the children played Maths Games!